Editing your website with Cushy CMS

So now you have a brand new website and you'd like to do some of the basic site maintenance yourself. The good news is that JG Media makes this easy for you using a simple online tool called CushyCMS.

If you haven't asked for this editing functionality, please get in touch and we can retro fit this to your existing site with some work behind the scenes.

How to use CushyCMS

Stage 1: Receive the sign up email

We'll let you know when you can expect an email from CushyCMS which will include your user name and password.

Stage 2: Login to CushyCMS

Once you have the email, you're ready to start. Login with the information provided in the email using the link or visiting the url below:


Stage 3: Select page to edit

Your pages will appear in a list on the next screen (below), click on the page you'd like to edit from the list.

After login to the CMS

Stage 4: Editing the page

Once you select the page you'd like to edit, you'll be presented with the 'Edit Content' screen (below). Editing text is similar to a basic word processor such as Microsoft Word so many of the icons may look familiar. Edit the text as you would normally using the tools at the top of the edit screen where necessary. These tools are explained in more detail next.

Edit screen

Toolbar quick reference

Important: There are several tools which you should avoid using as the formatting is 'hard-wired' into your site. This are highlighted in red below and include font 'size', 'style' and 'format'. If you would like to change these, please get in touch.

The 'View HTML Souce' button should also be avoided unless you are an advanced user who understands the basics of HTML code.

Tools reference

Click here to download the quick reference card as a pdf document - you can print this for easy access.

Editing dos and don'ts

  • Don't worry about the size of headings - these may look large in the editor, but will resize correctly when published
  • Don't upload images unless you know the correct size - incorrectly sized images can alter the way the site is displayed
  • Do edit and add text using the default format, style and size - you'll see these display correctly when you publish your site

Stage 5: Publishing

Click 'Publish Page' and you're done. Visit the page from your internet browser and press refresh to see your results. Note: Sometimes it can take several minutes for your changes to go live. If you'd like to disregard your changes, press cancel.

If you would like help or more information on editing sites by yourself, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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