“Should” You Date Others?

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Today I want to share with you the facts, and also my advice about something you probably ask yourself Lots of times:

“Should” I Date Others During My Long Distance Relationship?

Well, first I will give you some facts (scientific truth!) And then I will present my personal advice to you.

Relationships and the author of the most comprehensive analysis of
long distance relationships ever completed,”Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide”.
He’s is a graduate of Stanford Medical School and Purdue University’s Clinical Psychology Program and he combines his
scientific experience,interviews with hundreds of couples in
long distance relationships and his own personal experience into this comprehensive book.
Ok, now you know who Dr. Gregory Guldner is, I will provide you the scientific truth about Dating Others During an LDR.

Dr. Gregory Guldner made 2 research, and here are his results:

– 30 percent of couples that dated others broke up

– 27% of couples that did not broke up

– 70 percent of couples who did not talk about this issue broke up.

– 15 percent of people who dated others survived LDR

– 48% of those who did not survived LDR

Humm, to much scientific! you will say.
Ok, let me explain to you the significance of these numbers:

In the first study: the 6-month longitudinal study we can see that:

The Long Distance Relationship couples who dated others, in a
Period of 6 months, 30% of them broke up.

From the Long Distance Relationship couples that did not dated
Others, in a period of 6 months, 27% of them broke up.

And notice this, 70 percent of couples who did not discuss this issue
broke up!

In the next study:”Cross sectional study”, the relationships
That at one point were long distance (such as the one me and you are
living now), but now are reunited (the thing you and me want
longer ) as planned, we could observe that:

Just 15% of those who dated others survived LDR and 48 percent of those
Who didn’t survived LDR.

The conclusion we can take is that for”kind of” short periods of
Time, like six months, it will not make to much difference for the
achievement of the Long Distance Relationship, to others.
What makes the difference here is not being honest and clear
with the Long Distance Partner, 70% of couples who didn’t discuss this issue broke up!

Now, for long periods of time, relationship others is very very danger
For the success of your Long Distance Relationship! Just 15% survived LDR!

But, what makes you”want” to others while you’re in your Long Distance Relationship?

Is the lake of sex? Is because you like to feel close with another person?

as Close Relationships!
What you need to do is to know how to”Raccoon Removal” at phone
Or to write erotic letters, or send sensual pictures or videos to
your beloved.

Now about my experience?
Do you think that because I’m in a Long Distance Relationship I don’t feel sexually attracted by others?
But do I think about the idea of me dating others while I’m within my
Long Distance Relationships?

No, no, no. Let me tell you something. At my job There’s a man,
That I don’t know to describe this, but between me and him there is such a powerful sexual chemistry.

And believe me, between me and my Long Distance Partner, there is
Also a strong sexual chemistry, but I think when I made sex with that guy in my job, I guess I would be something even stronger than I have with my Long Distance Partner.

But do you think that will make sex with that guy from my job?


First I truly adore with all my heart my Long Distance Partner, he is without any doubt the”true love” of my life. And a relationship is a lot more than sex, and you also now that very well!

Second I don’t feel that I have sexual insatisfaction in my Long
Distance Relationship.
I do use what I”learn” from several resources that you can find in internet, and that it is possible to find in my website.

Now, with this, I am not saying that I agree or disagree with the
Ones that produce the choice of Dating Others while they’re in a Long Distance Relationship.

It’s your choice, and now, you have also the numbers of the scientific study of Dr. Gregory Guldner and also my advice and my experience.

Do not let it tear you apart!

My name is Maria Madeira, and just like you, I am at a Long Distance Relationship since 2003. Since that time, I’ve been in all stages of Long Distance Relationship.

I know, exactly! What you are feeling! Allow me to help YOU!

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