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The following hedgehog facts are indisputable, yet a lot of us will be amazed at the mere possibility of them being true. The hedgehog weighs less than 3/4 of a pound, and can fit comfortably in the curve of your hand, though his cuddly, chubby sides roll over the edges. He uses these resources, not to mention that the spiny extremities on the top half of his body, to wrestle down anything from ants and grubs to small snakes. When he gets the head to raid bird nests for the eggs, his 500 sharp insurance policies keep him safe.

Most animals won’t fuss with these small creatures, and the subsequent hedgehog facts are primarily responsible for his survival. He rolls into a totally spiked ball when he’s threatened or assaulted, and few creatures will wreck with such an uncertain and uncomfortable victim. He may annoy and torment, and he can infringe on other predators territorial rights, but he rarely faces deadly consequences. This pocket sized omnivore can definitely hold his own without fighting or fretting, he simply tucks himself like a minute pin cushion and waits for the danger to leave.

Hedgehog facts about their natural habitats are rather interesting as well. These little guys are hibernators, and will den in the curled position between the months of November and March, not stirring until the initial bugs and younger generations of their favorite foods have started to stir and immerge. He’s also nocturnal, which means he becomes busy during the night hours, under cover of darkness. He sleeps peacefully throughout the day, when the bugs aren’t as busy or plentiful either.

Hedgehog details about their body reiterate their ability to feed on a vast array of veggies and living organisms. His elongated snout permits him to root more deeply for burrowing things, such as grubs and ants. He’s very sharp teeth, and he uses them for murdering little snakes and for cracking into his favorite wild bird eggs. Hedgehogs are very expressive vocally, and will even purr when they’re content, curious, or joyful. They’ll produce 4 and 6 hoglets per litter, and they reproduce once each mating season. Hedgehog details about their licking habits find that they excrete excess saliva when they are stimulated by good smells, and their long tongues will be used to distribute this spit onto their bodies.

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