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Familiarising with your pet and identifying with his needs and wants is the most important job at hand for you, once you bring it home. Even though you expect it to be very much a part of your extended family, it will have its unique needs and wants which you would have to cater to. It is similar to playing mum to an unknown kid and nurturing him in every way until he grows up. The ferret is one such pet that demands a whole lot of your time and attention to for a healthy upbringing. Getting to know a few ferrets’ facts, about their origin and characteristics, can really prove useful to understand them better.

Each ferret has a distinct unique color and their average life span ranges from 8-10 years. They generally give birth to 6-10 babies at one time. A fully grown ferret is about 4 weeks old. Ferrets are predominantly short sighted and their hearing is also not impeccable. But they have ultra sensitive whiskers and have an extremely strong sense of smell. They are agile climbers and diggers, but jumping isn’t their forte.

Ferrets belong to the household of weasel type of creatures of which the weasel and the polecat is also a part of. They are basically predators, and not rodents like they’re made out to be. Domesticating ferrets is a very old practice, initially started off by the Romans. They have been pets for a fairly long era and a domestic ferret can never adjust to conditions in the wild. He will surely perish, if released abruptly. Therefore, if a ferret becomes unwarranted, it must compulsorily be routed to ferret houses for shelter.

One very important component of ferrets’ facts is their behaviour. They are engaging, playful, inquisitive, active and fastidious animals which make great pets.

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