Banana Facts

Banana Fruit Healthy Yellow Tropical Food

Eating any fruit and vegetables is good for you but bananas are particularly good. They are full of energy and healing factors that make Lauderdale Lakes Wildlife Removal great for everybody. Banana health facts are understood by many as they are a very popular fruit to eat and the number of ailments and illnesses they help to prevent and fight is intriguing.

By eating two bananas a day you will feel the results of the great fruit almost immediately because of the amount of nutrients and vitamins that they contain. Bananas contain three naturally occurring sugars which are sucrose, fructose and glucose. These sugars alongside the fiber content of the fruit will benefit your whole body every time you eat one. Many athletes understand that the banana health facts and use them within their everyday training diet. They are amazing for pre training, post training and at each time in between. They are fantastic for young and old people alike and are a fantastic snack for kids to have during college to boost their energy.

These amazing fruits are great for blood pressure, since they are high in potassium and low in sodium it’s a great natural defense for high blood pressure. Health professionals even have recorded the terrific banana health facts and they’re now listed for their ability to reduce blood pressure and even stroke symptoms in some people. Bananas are thought to have for breakfast and studies have shown that kids are more alert and will achieve better results at school after eating a banana in the morning. The potassium helps to naturally stimulate your brain and makes you more alert and receptive to learn.

Bananas are also great at helping with melancholy; they contain tryptophan that is a form of protein that converts to serotonin. They are also brilliant in helping with heart burn and keeping you regular, due to the terrific colon cleansing fiber. Bananas are an ideal natural laxative solution and you just need to eat them daily to stay regular.

Although a lot of banana health facts are known to people some are still a mystery, a lot of people don’t realize just how much eating these great fruits can help with day to day life. They are great for PMT and even have been demonstrated to help when you are attempting to quit smoking. They are great to counter act the nicotine withdrawal you will be feeling. By simply eating one or two of these miracle fruits your entire body colon and mind will thank you for it.

However you eat them you will feel the terrific effects and will be reaching for the bananas every time you are feeling under the weather.

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